RDForms 10.7 adds descriptive texts and partial editing

In the 10.7 release of the framework RDForms we introduced two new major features:

Descriptive texts: This feature allows descriptive texts to be visible directly in the form, not just as information on a label. We think this will allow profile editors to design forms that are more user friendly and easier to understand for users. The descriptive texts may be shown for all fields or only for selected form fields by providing the attributes (referred to as styles in the codebase) showDescriptionInEdit or showDescriptionInPresent. You can find the corresponding ticket here: [RDFORMS-116] - MetaSolutions AB

Partial editing: This feature allows supports the use-case when you want extend information provided from a read-only source. Triples from two graphs are merged into a single RDFJSON Graph instance but preserving their named graphs ids. Only triples in the default graph are allowed to be edited, the rest are rendered as read-only in the form. You can find the corresponding ticket here: [RDFORMS-115] - MetaSolutions AB

Briefly about the RDForms framework:
RDForms matches triples against a template and then provides editing, presentations, and validations by utilizing renderers in different UI frameworks. The actively supported UI frameworks are currently React, Bootstrap, Bootstrap material design and jQuery (the latter only supports presentations). RDForms is used heavily in EntryScape to facilitate a range of different use-cases, i.e. support various metadata profiles. The partial editing feature has already been included in EntryScape Terms (version 3.5) to support enhancing imported SKOS terminologies.