RDForms 10.6 introduces texts alternatives in form rendering

In the 10.6 release of the framework RDForms support was added for a wider range of useful texts in the template. A range of smaller issues where also fixed, see all issues in the 10.6 release.

Previously there where only support for label, description and placeholder in the template. With the new changes we now have:

label - the label that will be visible in the form above the input field.
editLabel - will be used instead of the label in edit mode if provided.
placeholder - the HTML placeholder in input fields.
description - a longer text that provides information about the input field / group. The text is typically visible in a popup by clicking on the label.
editDescription - will be used instead of the description in edit mode if provided.
help - a text that will be visible if the text does not match the pattern in an input field.
specification - a text that will only be used in the specification renderer (Issue 57)
purpose - a text that descripbes the purpose of the templates, e.g. when it should be used, how it differs from other templates etc. This text is not used in the rendering step, instead it is targeted towards the management phase of the templates.

Briefly about the RDForms framework:
RDForms matches triples against a template and then provides editing, presentations, and validations by utilizing renderers in different UI frameworks. The actively supported UI frameworks are currently React, Bootstrap, Bootstrap material design and jQuery (the latter only supports presentations). RDForms is used heavily in EntryScape to facilitate a range of different use-cases, i.e. support various metadata profiles.