RDForms 10.5 supports checkboxes

In the 10.5 release of the framework RDForms we introduced the support for checkboxes and more date formats in addition to a range of smaller issues. Note that the releases 10.3 and 10.4 where of minor character and have no separate posts written about them.

Checkboxes: In the case where the template provides a list of choices (think options in a HTML select) they can bow be rendered as a list of checkboxes. A requirement is that the max cardinality is not allowed to be set. Use the attributes (referred to as styles in the codebase) horizontalCheckBoxes or verticalCheckBoxes to force the behaviour.

Date formats: There is now built in support for xsd:time, xsd:gMonthDay and xsd:gYearMonth in addition to those supported before, i.e. xsd:date, xsd:dateTime and xsd:gYear. Note that the improvement is only implemented for the react edit renderers due to limitations in the bootstrap date picker components used. Note also that the jQuery presentation renderer handles the case as it should, so it is only editing in Bootstrap and Bootstrap Material Design that is missing.

Briefly about the RDForms framework:
RDForms matches triples against a template and then provides editing, presentations, and validations by utilizing renderers in different UI frameworks. The actively supported UI frameworks are currently React, Bootstrap, Bootstrap material design and jQuery (the latter only supports presentations). RDForms is used heavily in EntryScape to facilitate a range of different use-cases, i.e. support various metadata profiles.