RDForms 10.2 improves presentation mode

In the 10.2 release of the framework RDForms a range of smaller improvements has been where a majority is focused on improved presentation, for instance:

Edit URIs in a path: it is now possible to both edit a URI as well as objects of triples that have that URI as subject. A good use-case is to provide both the link and a good label for it, e.g. the homepage of a person. The presentation mode will then show the label rather than the URI. The solution is triggered by adding a text item template without a property value inside a group, this item will then be the editor for the URI matched for the group.

Choices can be ordered: Choices (think of it as options in a HTML select) have previously been ordered alphabetically, now the inherent order is respected if the attribute preserveOrderOfChoices is provided.

Newlines preserved in presentation mode: When providing literals with newlines they are now preserved in the presenter by default. The solution is achieved by the CSS attribute white-space being set to pre-line.

Briefly about the RDForms framework:
RDForms matches triples against a template and then provides editing, presentations, and validations by utilizing renderers in different UI frameworks. The actively supported UI frameworks are currently React, Bootstrap, Bootstrap material design and jQuery (the latter only supports presentations). RDForms is used heavily in EntryScape to facilitate a range of different use-cases, i.e. support various metadata profiles.