RDForms 10.0 introduces a React renderer

The 10.0 release of the framework RDForms corresponds to a major release as support for React based on Material UI components was added as a new renderer. At the same time the dojo renderer where deprecated and removed.

Using React as the UI-framework requires prepping the renderingContext with the correct renderers (just as it is done for the Bootstrap and Bootstrap Material Design UI-frameworks).
However, in addition, you have to use wrappers for the editor, presenter and validator classes to mitigate the difference in initialization between DOM manipulation and virtual DOM manipulation.
These wrappers changes how the field level renderers registered in the renderingContext behave. Instead of being passed a DOM node they will be passed an object with methods for appending components to a parent component.

Note also that you can register your own custom renderers mixed with the React renderers. Your own components can be written either as React components or by more traditional means by appending DOM nodes to the parent component and implement the behaviour via more direct manipulation.

Briefly about the RDForms framework:
RDForms matches triples against a template and then provides editing, presentations, and validations by utilizing renderers in different UI frameworks. The actively supported UI frameworks are currently React, Bootstrap, Bootstrap material design and jQuery (the latter only supports presentations). RDForms is used heavily in EntryScape to facilitate a range of different use-cases, i.e. support various metadata profiles.