EntryScape Community tools

Heads up English speaking users of EntryScape!

We have opened an open source repo for collecting links to community developed tools and resources connected to EntryScape:
Main: EntryScape / Community Tools · GitLab
Mirror: GitHub - entryscape/community-tools

Feel free to use, fork, improve, and do merge requests for any tools and additions you find out there in the wild!

Hi @mattias

thanks for this collection.
since our Geo department ist working with FME, i wanna prepare an FME workspace in order to support them in uploading data to our catalog.

i’ve tried this workspace as inspiration, but so far only succeeded in updating/replacing an existing distribution/file with a known URI.

how can i add a new distribution (thus without a known URI) to my dataset using FME?

thanks alot for your help

Hi @retowick !

My pleasure. Sounds great! :star_struck:

I have checked with my colleague @august who built Taskrunner API and wrote the docs for that. Functionality and documentation will be improved. Thus if you do anything differently than others in regards to FME - please consider sharing it as open source code and we’ll be happy to merge it as it can help others. :slight_smile:

Right now I understand it as you need to manually create distributions via the EntryScape GUI to get URIs. Then you can FME script to them via API. We understand that the capability to add distributions via API would be nice to do and we intend to make improvements to the API in regards to this, without promising if, when and how. :slight_smile:

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